Congratulations to our Supper Bowl winner, Saskatoon!

The Supper Bowl is awarded throughout the year to branches who show consistent coaching activity. Our Supper Bowl winners are those that have significant ratings and huddles, while also showing dedication to the Coaching Program and their rookies. Saskatoon checked off all the boxes and have earned the prestigious Supper Bowl! This means they have earned a championship banner for their branch, dinner for all of the active Coaches, and most importantly, those highly coveted bragging rights!











Coaches Erik Vazquez Jimenez, Adam George, Brandon Lizotte, Evan Benoit, and Siggy Morin Duarte kept the coaching action rolling with consistent ratings and huddles throughout the year. Saskatoon has shown us that it takes a whole team to win the Supper Bowl and make coaching a success. The Saskatoon Coaching Program has had the backing and encouragement of Roofing Manager Michael Fiddler and Branch Manager Sean Thompson. Together Saskatoon has built a coaching culture at the branch that has put them on top!