Coaching hardhat

Where do I get my employee number from to get setup in the app?

You can get your employee number from your paystub or foreman who has your employee number for digital time capture

Where can I go if I am having technical issues with the app?

You can contact Helpdesk at [email protected].

Who can see what I write in Coach’s Notes?

Only a coach and the system administrator can view the Coach’s Notes.

What do I do if I’m experiencing push back from my supervisor about me coaching during working hours?

Explain what exactly you are doing and agree on a plan that will work for you, your supervisor, and your rookie.

What is the process for time spent on coaching (as a rookie or as a coach) in digital time cards? (Should a special code be used to account for the time?/ Subaccount charged?)

Charge it to the task that you are training on. For example, if you are teaching your rookie how to do setup you would charge to setup (on job training).

What do I do if I can’t pair with my rookie/coach?

You can contact Helpdesk at [email protected]

Can I submit pictures and videos or make suggestions for content to the app?

Not at this time, submission to the app is planned for future release.

As a Rookie what do I do if I disagree with a score I was given to me by my Coach?

The purpose of being coached is to learn new things. The learning outcome is more important than the score, so there shouldn’t be an argument. You could ask your coach what you could do differently next time to improve.

How do I delete a rookie?

If you notice you still have a rookie on your list, please message him/her and find out why he/she has not found a new coach and help him/her find a new coach so that all of your hard work is not wasted.

Are we supposed to score rookies on Game Time videos, and rookie training sections?


Can we have rookies who have been with Flynn longer than 6 months?

Yes, anyone who is interested in documenting their learning to date and future learning through the app can us it.

How is data consumed in the app? Are there tips for how to best use the app to reduce data consumption?

  • A lot of the basic text information has been downloaded when you download the app. Photos and video are downloaded as you get to a section in the app and request that data.
  • Videos and pictures have been downsized to reduce data consumption on mobile devices. These low-resolution video files will consume less data.
  • Under your settings you can disable data, by turning on Wi-Fi only.

Where can I find training on how to use the app?

Check out FlynnLearning.com for App tutorials like how to download and sign up for the app! Simply sign in using your Flynn credentials or register with a personal email to begin

Am I expected to do this on my own time or on company time?

For Coaches: Developing rookies is considered a legitimate workplace activity and will be paid for by the company

For Rookies: On the job training is paid by the company. However, some videos may be better viewed on a wireless network which may need to take a few minutes at home in preparation for doing the task the next day

How can I change the language settings in the app?

You can change the language in settings or in your Profile under preferred language.

As a coach what do I do if a rookie disagrees with a score I have given them?

The purpose of coaching is to encourage the rookie and motivate them to learn new things. The learning outcome is more important than the score, so there shouldn’t be an argument.

How many rookies can I have at a time?

3 rookies at a time would be considered the maximum, to ensure that you have sufficient time to dedicate to each rookie without it interfering with you doing your job duties.

How long is the rookie-coach relationship?

There is no time limit, as long as you and your coach agree to keep training. However, the program is designed for a 6-month duration. The longer the coach and rookie relationship the easier it becomes to communicate with one another and the more beneficial it becomes to both the coach, and the rookie.

What happens when a rookie or a coach leaves a crew?

Coaches should try and arrange with the foreman/superintendent that the rookie is paired with a new trained coach. As a coach it is your responsibility to make sure your rookie does not end up without a coach.