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Our coaches are experienced crew members in various scopes. They’ve volunteered to attended dedicated training on what it means to be a Flynn coach, so that they can better support our rookies through their first 6 months with Flynn. You can spot a coach on the crew by their beige hard hat that says “COACH”.

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Flynn University for Frontline Coaches (FUFC) supports and trains field members in specific scopes, who want to be Flynn Coaches. This program focuses on how to effectively coach and engage inexperienced general labourers, reducing turnover and building a quality workforce. If you’re interested in become a coach make sure to sign up!

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Great Coaching Moments

Catch people doing things right! Highlight a coach, rookie or supporting team member that’s helped make a difference in the coaching program. Tell us your story!


What do I do if I’m experiencing push back from my supervisor about me coaching during working hours?

Explain what exactly you are doing and agree on a plan that will work for you, your supervisor, and your rookie.

What is the process for time spent on coaching (as a rookie or as a coach) in digital time cards? (Should a special code be used to account for the time?/ Subaccount charged?)

Charge it to the task that you are training on. For example, if you are teaching your rookie how to do setup you would charge to setup (on job training).

Can we have rookies who have been with Flynn longer than 6 months?

Yes, anyone who is interested in documenting their learning to date and future learning through the app can use it.

Am I expected to do this on my own time or on company time?

For Coaches: Developing rookies is considered a legitimate workplace activity and will be paid for by the company

For Rookies: On the job training is paid by the company. However, some videos may be better viewed on a wireless network which may need to take a few minutes at home in preparation for doing the task the next day

How many rookies can I have at a time?

3 rookies at a time would be considered the maximum, to ensure that you have sufficient time to dedicate to each rookie without it interfering with you doing your job duties.

How long is the rookie-coach relationship?

There is no time limit, as long as you and your coach agree to keep training. However, the program is designed for a 6-month duration. The longer the coach and rookie relationship, the easier it becomes to communicate with one another and the more beneficial it becomes to both the coach, and the rookie.

What happens when a rookie or a coach leaves a crew?

Coaches should try and arrange with the foreman/superintendent that the rookie is paired with a new trained coach. As a coach it is your responsibility to make sure your rookie does not end up without a coach.